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My number 1 Tip for you:

Value your time and energy.

I'm going to get you straight to the point and provide you with some value. Try out these 4 tips below and if they don't improve your business, we'll donate 100 bucks to a charity assisting in teaching young men how to work on cars professionally.

Learn from Professionals that have been in the industry for 15 years on how to increase the Revenue your shop generates. In most cases we see a 10-50x gain in overall revenue.

Trying these 4 methods for yourself WILL see results. Here we go!




4) Present Customers with a FULL list of everything that could be fixed on their vehicles, skimping out on this step causes nearly 90% of Auto Shops to go bankrupt within the first 24 months of operation.

Your first Call with Jason will include:

1) 15 Minute Long Reserved meeting time to discuss how your shop is currently operating and your goals.

2) Give you immediate feedback, tips & tricks to improve how you deal with clients.

3) Give you immediate feedback, tips & tricks to increase your shop's revenue by 10x

Ready for your first consultation?

Meet Jason - Owner & Operator of an average 2 car bay Garage in a Pennsylvania. He'll run through your marketing plan (if you have one) Suggest improvements, and give you a plethora of advice that you can take to bat right away.

We've helped hundreds of Auto Shops across America increase their revenue Substantially!

  • Meet your Consultant:

  • Jason, 37 years old from Pennsylvania

  • Expert Marketing Consultant & Full time practicing Mechanic

15+ Years running Auto Shop's

What are you waiting for?


15 Minute Long Reserved meeting time

to discuss how your shop is currently operating and your goals.

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Customer Testimonials

Alexander P. - Fort Worth, Texas

"My shop was struggling month to month. I was only profiting two or three thousand dollars per month until I consulted with Jason I can now afford to feed my family whatever meals they want and send my kids to the best schools. I've more than 10x'd my revenue and had to hire 3 additional techs to keep up with the demand.."

Ralph L. - St Louis, Missouri

"I almost threw in the towel. Corona really messed up my revenue stream but after I consulted with Jason he gave me a whole new outlook on how to approach my business. There were a few local market factors that I had not even thought about that I was able to take advantage of to help improve my business by increasing my profit more than 10x. The name really does mean 10x! Thanks Jason."

Phil K. - Dunlap, Florida

"I stumbled upon 10x Auto Shop and Jason through Instagram, I was skeptical at first due to the high competition of mechanics in my area. I thought I was done for until Dylan hopped on the phone with me for 30 minutes and essentially told me everything I was doing was wrong. I didn't question him, I just acted on his recommended suggestions and within the first week I noticed a 3x increase in revenue. I'm currently sitting at a 24x increase in revenue year over year. I can finally afford a camper for my family. I am so thankful for your services! Your like family now Jason. Thanks."